• Chocolate

    • Macadamia Nuts

    • Gum/Gelatin

    • Raisin/Grapes

      May cause blindness, deadly
    • Uncooked Egg White

      May cause skin rash and upset stomach
    • Uncooked fish

      Not good for skin/coat, and muscles
    • Onion

      Very bad for blood health
    • Salt

      Not necessary, bad for kidney and sweat glands
    • Garlic

      Very bad for blood health
    • Green Onion/Chives

      Very bad for blood health
    • Coffee/Green Tea

      Caffeine not good for stomach cause diarrhea, vomiting, suffocation
    • Persimmon/Peach

      May cause constipation
    • Fruit Seed

      Don't give may cause choking
    • Shell Fish

      Dairy Products (Lactose) Diarrhea and Vomiting
    • Avocado

      Digestion and breathing problems